Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Moon cat

The latest artwork for Neko Nation progress shots, you can see the final here. She's inspired by one of the Perth cat girls in her Kiss Me Kill Me outfit. I am a fan of KMKM so I was totally happy to oblige in this portrait. I added a little retro space flair because... well, it's fun! I am waiting for the day I have an excuse to wear a space bubble helmet!

Karly Kitten

Cute little Karly Kitten commissioned me to do a portrait of her. Lucky for me she's just the cutest thing and she was super fun to do. She's one of our Neko Nation cat girls and is lovely once you get past her shyness. <3 p="">

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

By the power of the cyber-moon

Avcon! No other anime convention compares. It's well organised, has a great venue and there's always something to do or someone to meet. This year I had an artists alley table and had a blast. My Sydney crew have pretty much convinced me I need to have a table there every year so that they all have a base to stash their bags, but I may just do it because I enjoy the con anyway. And my prints sold pretty well so I can't complain. Sold enough stuff to drink well that weekend at their Neko Nation. Pictured here are some of my partners in crime, Fabulous Saccharine, and my Sydney boys Herbie (Inuyasha) and Jarrad (cybergoth Stocking).

I wore a cybergoth Sailor Moon costume, because regular Sailor Moon was too common. I never watched it as a child, so I went and watched as much of it as I could stand before cosplaying her. And I remember why I didn't watch it as a child. Usagi is annoying and the show is repetitive. I was far more interested in watching buff men power up for 6 episodes (DBZ). Though I had a few people come up to me and appreciate my take on the character.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Tea on the decks

Oh Neko Nation, you never cease to be an amazing party. This time Mellie and I were in geisha inspired outfits inspired by my artwork for this show. We wore opposing colours again, because damn I think it's adorable. Mine would be the most expensive outfit in my wardrobe had I paid full price for this Takuya Angel set. TA has always been up there on my list of things to own before I die, definitely a favourite fashion designer of mine and I was over the moon to get this set 2nd hand. Mellie showed off fer fantastic new body, she's been working super hard to be confident enough to get her stomach out. Yay Mellie! Also pictured here is Dan or AR-12, my boy thing, cosplaying as ME! LOL.

The artwork for this show was also special in that it was the first time we didn't have a cat girl on the poster. But I just had a concept and convinced them to run with it. Combining a geisha, tea ceremony and the DJ decks. After this artwork, none of the djs at the event wanted to let me anywhere near the decks afraid I would pour drinks on them. Haha.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Supanova 2013

Probably the most tiring weekend I've had all year and will have for the rest of it. And photographic evidence is rolling in. I saw lots of people take my cards, so I guess I better keep this updated then!

For me the con wasn't my greatest, but I wasn't really trying to sell very hard. I had the flu, and the idea to 2 days of con and not sleeping because of Neko Nation was stressing me out a little. Add that to the lack of new things I feel I was luck to make any money at all.

I sat hidden between steampunk jewellery and Scavengers of the Scarlet wastes. They had the animation I helped with on their demo reel which was really cool to see it working. I did have a few friends and beautiful fans drop by who remembered me from previous years. It's lovely to meet people who recognise your art. Its a reminder of why I used to do cons more often.

The Sunday I was much harder to find. We got there late due to a much needed sleep in after Neko Nation. it was raining, I left my A3 prints in the car and decided to just not bother trying to do the table. I wandered around in my Dragonborn, Skyrim cosplay and got lots of attention for that instead. I figured my lack of make-up and hangover would be in character for a Nord warrior. I lost most of my voice from shouting at people by the end of the day.

I didn't even take any photos, that's how bad I am getting at this whole self-promoting thing. It was still an epic weekend though. Any weekend with a Neko Nation is amazing, but a seperate post for that!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Scavangers cats

I have recently realised that my art output over the last 2 years has practically crawled to a halt except for the pieces I do for Neko Nation. My hope is to try and rectify that soon, though I won't have much time to do so before Sydney Supanova.

One of the ways I have begun to rectify it is by helping my friends over and Kenaz Concepts along with their newest project, an apocalyptic web series. I got to help out with a little flash back by doodling up some super cute versions of their characters for a flashback animation. Here's a little preview of them. I can't wait to see the final thing. I'll be sharing a table with these guys at Sydney Supanova 22 June, so I'll see you guys there.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cyborg neko

Sometimes a girl just has to base her whole outfit around a specific item of clothing. This was the case for Neko Nation March13, where I had recently acquired a pair of Black Milk Mechanical legs for Christmas and had been dieing to do something robotic and silver around them since.

I ended up going pants-less, which was a first for me as I usually don't like the look of leggings as pants, but I felt in the case of a costume I could make an exception. That and I tried to put shorts over these legs and it never looked right.

Again, I enlisted the help of friends, this time for my make up. This amazing cyborg wound was created by Noon Willows, pro make up artist and old friend who was happy to do it in return for a bottle of wine. I was so happy with it and it stayed on well into the morning after the event without moving even after all the stage dancing.

Also those ears I whipped up a few days before the event. They actually have speakers built in, not that you could hear them in the club. lol.